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Harmony Rising 
The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit  2023
By Karen Abler Carrasco

On January 22nd, 2023, we enter the year of the Yin Water Rabbit, which cycles around once every 60 years in the Chinese Zodiac. As we explore its qualities, let's make note that 2020 began a full decade of global evolution. Each year’s energies in this decade will contribute to this great shift, until lasting systemic changes place us in a new era. We best weather this turbulent time by sinking ever more deeply into ourselves and finding our most authentic feelings, talents and preferences for living as humans on Mother Earth.

After weathering the Yang Water Tiger, which bounded through last year with erratic pouncing movements, most of us can see that we DID make forward progress, though not always in the direction we had planned. Projects and desires were buffeted by unpredictable waves of forward motion and frustrating delays. Riding the yang Water energy of last year was often like a white-knuckle ride down class 5 river rapids. Paddle! Faster! Those big, unexpected boulders around the bend capsized many a plan....

Now, the waters are calming with the distinctly different quality of yin energy. It is subtle, gentle and refreshing to all of our senses. We can relax and restore our personal ch’i, regroup and re-evaluate our position. We can make sure that our previously set priorities are still the right ones for our new circumstances, and realign our goals with what shows up now. This yin year offers us strong support to create inner and outer harmony in our lives.

Picture yourself happily floating on calm waters, soaking up the sun’s warmth, sipping a delicious drink, hearing sweet music on the breeze. Sensitivities for the arts, good food, good company and all things harmoniously beautiful are heightened this year. Take the time to sink deeply into your True Self and create a lifestyle that feels easy, natural and graceful. Channel strong emotions into greater understanding and compassion for others. Identify what your heart really desires at a deeper level. Envision any discordant ways of the past transforming into the benevolent possibilities as our new world takes form ahead. Let your imagination sail on quiet waters and encourage soulful enjoyment throughout the year.

What does the Rabbit character bring to 2023? With those long ears, keen noses and sensitive whiskers, wild rabbits know the quickest, safest and easiest way to survive in any situation. Split second instincts combine with reliance on a plentitude of relatives who sound the alarm whenever danger approaches. They co-create a vast, communal underground web of connecting warrens to find safety at any moment. All of this support gives them a bold confidence to know just how much risk to take to insure their own safety and comfort.

Rabbits are homebodies, desiring security, order, comfort, and beauty. They take indulgent care of themselves without harming anyone else in the process, since they desire communal harmony above all else. Their firm strength is hidden beneath a charming, pleasant demeanor, a truly wise and enviable skill. Rabbit energy is amiable, diplomatic, elegant, and discreet, finding the best solution possible while keeping the peace and deftly avoiding conflict. The wisdom of the Tao is embodied in Rabbit energy, as it is through its soft, accommodating nature that it gains commanding strength.

Tap into the fine art of negotiation this year. Take a little longer to study the situations that present themselves each day. Listen for the undertones. Increase your levels of tolerance, understanding, and generosity. Be a peace-maker. Find or refine your tribe and build communal rapport with your neighbors, friends and family. Develop a quiet wisdom. Smile more, lots more. Spend as much time as you can in the places that feel beautiful to you, and create more of them. Whenever and wherever you feel uncomfortable, trapped or out of balance with yourself or others, realize that those feelings are good, rabbit-y instincts. Hop away quickly! Look for the actions or negotiate solutions that show you and everyone else involved the most elegantly secure and comforting way to go.

As we sail through uncharted waters this year, our deepest instincts crave comfort, safety, and community amidst an unruly, changing world. May the Yin Water Rabbit provide the gentle, beautiful, harmonious Way to carry us through.


Have a wonderful Year!


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