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What People are Saying About Jonni...

L. Brown

My place feels more balanced, lighter, and more fun to be in.

Jonni did a Feng Shui consult on my condo that I’ve been in for ten years. She helped me see that I needed to clear all that out to make room for my life! One of the best things Jonni did for me was to help me get clear about my long-term vision for my condo. With my vision in place, it has been easy for me to tackle the projects that will bring the vision into reality.


My home feels like me for the first time since I became an empty nester.

Here is what I know: if I hadn’t surrendered and let Jonni apply her magic, I never would have changed a thing. I might have cleaned and cleared, but I would never have made such transformational shifts in my environment and my consciousness!

J. Mann

J. Bass, Jonni Vann client

J. Bass

Jonni gave me a new perspective on how to see my home and how we live in the house.

I hired Jonni for her expertise in Feng Shui to give me some ideas about furniture placement and energy flow in my house. I followed many of her recommendations in order to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in my home. Jonni has a way of seeing spaces differently than those of us with an untrained eye and I recommend her for a consultation at your house to help you maximize your enjoyment of your home.


E. Callahan

If you need help adding some spark to your home, I highly recommend working with Jonni!


I had a Feng Shui session with Jonni Vann to find out how I could maximize my home’s appeal to potential buyers using Feng Shui principles. A simple question from Jonni about my shower curtain challenged me about how much I allow myself to be seen. We all have blind spots that we need help seeing in order to transform. Jonni not only helped me with my home, but helped me with ME. Thank you Jonni for challenging me! 


T. Owens

The energetic shifts in each space is palpable and felt by all who come into our space.

Jonni is fantastic with Feng Shui! She and I have been working together for several years. She has assisted me with two office locations and my home. Our most recent project is Remember Your Truth office suite, where Jonni set up classroom space and multiple offices according to the Bagua map. She has a knack for pulling together decor and furnishings that support every area of our business and lives. So beautiful! I highly recommend her.

Jonni has a remarkable talent for decorating, space re-arranging, and transforming environments. 


There’s no doubt in my mind her home staging helped my home sell at full price in less than a week.


J. Saadeh, DC

I have tears of joy thinking about my experience with Jonni!

OMG...words cannot begin to convey my deep gratitude and appreciation. It's mind-boggling the many layers of this amazing 'twirling' that Jonni helped set in motion. She was so graciously patient, tenacious, and held such a loving space to walk through my doubts, fears, and overwhelm. I woke up energized, full of gratitude, with a sense of freedom, hopeful expectancy, and love.  


D. Smith  


I can tell the difference when I walk in the door. The house feels friendlier and warmer.


I have continued to incorporate many of Jonni’s ideas into my yard and home over the last year. The most notable effect of the Feng Shui makeover has been in the area of my career and money. I have received what amounts to a promotion at work, won a major performance award which included a $12,500.00 bonus, and have continued to see money come to me from various sources. It has been a thrill to see this happen. 

C. Carter  

Great advice from Jonni!


After learning our dining room is in the wealth and prosperity area, my wife and I cleared it out. I now use it for writing, video editing, photography, painting, and printmaking. In that space, I have experienced an abundance of creativity. I’ve sold several photographs, and I’ve started a business creating videos for birthdays, anniversaries, and personal reminiscences.


D. Martin  

My home now feels more open in some areas, cozier in others, and in general MUCH more comfortable. 


I am particularly enjoying my office area and spending more time there. It is conducive to work and is well organized. It really helps my mental and emotional state to feel like the energy flows well in my home and I can walk through it with ease, as well. The patio off the master bedroom is wonderful and really completes the backyard. It has been an endless source of pleasure for me. Thank you to Jonni for the great work she did and I will continue to implement the changes suggested.


J. Wilson   

L. Brown, Jonni Vann client
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