"You are such a blessing! I am so grateful for you!  You never make me feel bad for changing my mind or for not knowing what I want and you always want me to have what I want and to be happy". This was shared by a recent client that I helped with a new home. I worked with her starting with the plans and all the way through to arranging items and hanging artwork.


J. Saadeh, DC

Decatur, GA


"Jonni is fantastic with Feng Shui! She and I have been working together for several years. She has assisted me with two office locations and my home. The energetic shifts in each space is palpable and felt by all who come into our space. Our most recent project is Remember Your Truth office suite, where Jonni set up classroom space and multiple offices according to the Bagua map. She has a knack for pulling together decor and furnishings that support every area of our business and lives. So beautiful! I highly recommend her." 

T. Owens

Atlanta, GA


"I am delighted to recommend Jonni Vann as the ultimate Feng Shui Consultant. Look no further! This woman is amazing. She is professional, resourceful, creative, and insightful and, when it comes to getting the job done, indefatigable. Jonni assisted me with a week-long clutter-clearing house makeover and the end results were astounding. The transformation was so comprehensive and palpable that my husband and I both feel as if we are living in a new home! I, myself am a designer and have worked for 30 years in the hotel, restaurant and spa industry.  I have no shortage of creative ideas; however, Jonni brought a fresh perspective, together with the inspiration and motivation I needed to finally make some simple but effective changes to transform our home environment. My husband and I are both delighted with Jonni’s work and eagerly look forward to futurecollaborations.

B. Cook

Hallowell, ME


"I surrendered! I let go and left the county to let Jonni Vann have her way with my house for three days. She used her philosophy and ‘twirled’ my own household items to form a new way of giving and receiving energy. Additionally, she suggested new items that could be purchased to enhance my ambiance.


For two more weeks, she polished everything until it shined, painted and retooled hardware, lighting fixtures and walls. She was flexible enough to allow ‘happy accidents’ occur that neither one of us planned. I resisted—I was overwhelmed that my energy had been stirred so drastically. Here is what I know: if I hadn’t surrendered and let Jonni apply her magic for her reasons, I never would have changed a thing. I might have cleaned and cleared, but I would never have made such transformational shifts in my environment and my consciousness!


Jonni could see that pieces of furniture that I had in some areas would serve me better in other areas. She moved the desk I was using for my dresser into the guest room that needed that exact piece to make it a more functional guest room. She moved a family heirloom hutch from the entry way into my bedroom to give me more surface space on top and much needed storage space below. She moved my favorite bookcase into the entry way because it was the perfect piece of furniture for that area and it showcases pieces that are sacred to me.


We decided together to turn the room that would normally be used for a dining room into my office.  She also relocated the ceiling light fixture from my bedroom (where it wasn’t being appreciated) into the dining room where the crystal pattern from the light completely transformed that area of my home. In trying to find the perfect color for the focal wall for this room, Jonni painted a horizontal stripe of three different colors so that I could get a good feel for the color that I liked best and we agreed that we loved the stripes so they stayed. It looked so great that it was duplicated over the fireplace. Jonni arranged the bookshelves on either side of the fireplace using Feng Shui principles. It actually makes my ‘things’ more beautiful and more meaningful to me.

We had cherished pieces of art, including photos from my travels, framed and hung on the walls that best showcase them. The art is so representative of me and my life. My home feels like me for the first time since I became an empty nester.


‘House twirling’ using the expertise and immediate practical application of Jonni Vann should never be utilized unless you would like to have your entire life transformed. " 


J. Mann

Santa Rosa, CA

"I engaged Jonni Vann for two home projects that were both successes. The first was helping me design, furnish and decorate a home I had recently purchased. She consulted on everything from upholstery fabrics to paint colors to arranging art works for best Feng Shui, to closet design. In every case, she really listened to me and understood my personal style and preferences, and the result was a beautiful home that I truly enjoyed and loved showing to friends and family. The second project was an update and refresh of my mother's older home in the suburbs - same outcome. She listened to Mom, was respectful of her taste and preferences, and ultimately did a great job on her kitchen and den. My mother trusted Jonni and loved working with her - she is a true professional."


R. Sherrill

Atlanta, GA


"Jonni helped me on two occasions and her eye for redesign is remarkable. She quickly saw how seemingly unrelated items in my home could complement each other beautifully. The result was a big "wow" and a remarkable transformation that gave a sense of peace and harmony. Jonni was prepared and patiently explained how feng shui works in my home. We had fun working together and moving furniture and more!  Jonni is the best."


Carol H

​San Francisco, CA


"Jonni has a remarkable talent with decorating, space re-arranging and transforming environments.  There’s no doubt in my mind her home staging helped my home sell at full price in less than a week.” 


J. Saadeh, DC

Decatur, GA


"OMG...words cannot begin to convey my deep gratitude and appreciation.  I have tears of joy.  Its mind boggling the many layers of this amazing 'twirling' you helped set in motion.  Perfect timing...so ready, so humbling and ironically freeing to share my dust and cobwebs of my life and home...you were so graciously patient, tenacious and held such a loving space to walk thru my doubts, fears and overwhelm...you so have a gift & are such a gift...I want to share you with my world and everyone I know.  OMG, thank you Jonni!  I woke up energized, full of gratitude for you and Spirit...with a sense of freedom, hopeful expectancy and love.  Thank You!  I really did have fun being in your amazing twirling energy!"     


D. Smith  

San Anselmo, CA


"Jonni’s Feng Shui recommendations have had a totally positive effect on the way my home feels.  I can tell the difference when I walk in the door.  The house feels friendlier and warmer.  I have continued to incorporate many of Jonni’s ideas into my yard and home over the last year.  The most notable effect of the Feng Shui makeover has been in the area of my career and money.  I have received what amounts to a promotion at work, won a major performance award which included a $12,500.00 bonus and have continued to see money come to me from various sources.  It has been a thrill to see this happen.  I still believe firmly in the soundness of my investment in Jonni’s services."       

C. Carter  

Decatur, GA

“After learning our dining room is in the wealth and prosperity area, my wife and I cleared it out.  I now use it for writing, video editing, photography, painting and print making.  In that space, I have experienced an abundance of creativity.  I’ve sold several photographs, and I’ve started a business creating videos for birthdays, anniversaries and personal reminiscences.  Thanks for the advice!”                                                  


D. Martin  

Atlanta, GA

"My home feels very differently to me after making some of the changes that you suggested during my Feng Shui consultation.  It feels more open in some areas, more cozy in others and in general MUCH more comfortable.  I am particularly enjoying my office area and spending more time there.  It is conducive to work and is well organized.  It really helps my mental and emotional state to feel like the energy flows well in my home and I can walk through it with ease, as well.  The patio off the master bedroom is wonderful and really completes the back yard.  It has been an endless source of pleasure for me.  Thank you for the great work you did and I will continue to implement the changes that you suggested.”


J. Wilson   

Highlands, NC​


“Jonni did a Feng Shui consult on my condo that I’ve been in for ten years.  Over the years a lot of “stuff” had accumulated in the corners and storage areas of my condo, and she helped me see that I needed to clear all that out to make room for my life! One of the best things Jonni did for me was to help me get clear about my long-term vision for my condo.  With my vision in place, it has been easy for me to tackle the projects that will bring the vision into reality. As I’ve implemented a lot of Jonni’s ideas, my place feels more balanced, lighter and more fun to be in.  I can’t wait to finish the rest of her recommendations."

L. Brown
Atlanta, GA

"​As I write this, I have a pending contract on my home. If all goes well, the closing will be towards the end of September. As part of the process of preparing my home to go on the market, I had a Feng Shui session with Jonni Vann to find out how I could maximize my home’s appeal to potential buyers using Feng Shui principles. A simple question from Jonni about my shower curtain challenged me about how much I allow myself to be seen.

She said to me, “your bathroom is in the fame and reputation area but I notice you don’t have any fire there.” Huh? She suggested that I get a new shower curtain with a pop of orange-red to bring some life to my bathroom, while showing potential buyers how to work with the existing 1960’s aqua tiles. Even though I work with color, like everyone, I have my own blind spots. My shower curtain was a ho-hum tan one that I had overlooked for so long that I didn’t even notice it. After going to several stores, I came home with some shower curtain options to check out.


One of them I liked a lot and felt like it may be a possibility so I sent a photo of it in my bathroom to Jonni. She texted back asking if I loved it because when I had described it before she thought it would have more pizzazz.

And then she asked the question – how big are you in the world?

Um, I thought we were talking about shower curtains but that question struck a deeper chord within me. I love helping my clients be seen more through branding/graphic design as well as hand analysis. But like many of my clients, I struggle with allowing myself to be fully seen and can hide out if not consciously aware. I took the shower curtain down and moved on to the next store the next day. I am in the process of making really intentional changes and that question made me realize I do want to make a bigger impact that matches the changes I am intentionally making.

At the store the next day I found a shower curtain that I actually love! It’s bright, it’s beautiful, it has fire, it goes with the tile but is not matchy-match, and as Jonni said, “it feels more like the Elaine I know.” We all have blind spots that we need help seeing in order to transform. I am really good at helping my clients see their blind spots, while being compassionate because I am having to walk my talk with you. I understand the struggle of wanting to make a bigger difference by allowing yourself to be seen more as you truly are instead of hiding out with your gifts and talents and playing small. Thank you Jonni for challenging me! If you need help with adding some spark to your home, I highly recommend working with Jonni!"​

​E Callahan

Decatur, GA