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Health & Family...

This is the area of your home that has the most to do with your health. Although, we should keep dangerous and/or toxic things out of our home…this area is the one we want to keep free of anything that might be detrimental to our health. If this happens to be where the cat litter box is located, make sure it is kept as clean as possible. If this is the closet in the garage that has any kind of poison – it is recommended that it be relocated, preferably out of the house.

This area is in the left center area of the home, room, yard, or surface.

The qualities of Health & Family are:

Inner Strength (strong in times of challenge)

Protection of ancestors

Healing Relationships



The Colors associated with this area are:

Blue & Green

The Wood Element is associated with this area.

You can Enhance when:

You need a boost in Health

you’re competing in Sports.

You want social Life Improvement

You want improvements in Relationships with Relatives

Some suggested enhancements are:

Healthy Plants, Cut Flowers, Floral Prints, Images of family/friends & colorful gardens & lush landscapes. Ideal body images/posters

This room looks clean and balanced – the green represents wood and there are flowers and plants depicted in the art. Even if it’s not your taste, it’s still balanced and clean and healthy feeling. This is one of many ways to express a healthy looking and feeling environment.

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