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  • Jonni Vann

Making My Home

“The Virgo Dog loves her home because she made it herself.”

I read this in a horoscope book years ago – one that combined the western and Chinese horoscopes. It was a very accurate account for most people, and it helped make sense of how people could be so different.

I have been making my home since I was very young. Another astrologer in the Vedic school said that I am all about creating beauty. I agree with this. So…loving transformation, making my home with my own hands (or ideas) and creating beauty is what I do. Today, I always do it with the help of Feng Shui. I don’t always talk about it, but I always use my feng shui knowledge. It makes whatever I’m doing easier and make more sense, have more meaning and be more beautiful.

I love taking useful things that need love and transforming them. I have a weakness for small side tables and here is one that was very useful in a bathroom in a former home. I originally had a basket in the opening, but it was problematic because I had to leave a little bit of it hanging out to be able to access it easily. I found a box that fit perfectly in the ‘hole’, glued some fabric to the front along with a loop for a handle. Not only does it function well but it looks great.

When our environment serves us and makes our lives easier, this is the epitome of GOOD feng shui.

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