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  • Jonni Vann

I am seeking what is seeking me...

Back in late 2015 when I moved back to Atlanta from northern California, I was putting my home office together. I needed a shallow and somewhat narrow bookcase for a particular wall. I was shopping at thrift stores and online for the right piece. Then, my mother tells me she wants to get rid of a bookcase that has been in her garage for years. This bookcase was built about 50 years ago by a family friend and it had had several jobs and had been in a few locations inside the house before it was banished to the garage to hold exciting things like paint and yard chemicals.

I brought the bookcase home, cleaned the grease off of it...sanded it and painted it 2 different colors of yellow. I still marvel at how it fit on that wall and held everything I needed it to hold. I arranged the items on the shelves according to the feng shui bagua map. The result was very satisfying because as usual, it was functional and beautiful and not to mention - the right price! The bottom picture shows how it fit perfectly between the closet door and the open French door.


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