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Love & Relationship area...

anyone want to know how to arrange your LOVE bedroom according to Feng Shui?

The love and relationship area is the back right corner of any structure, your home or office, in every room and even desk and counter tops. We have a lot of opportunity to put love ‘anchors’ in our surroundings. This can be expressed by pairs of things, a heart, a picture of the 2 of you…a poem or quote or the heart color of red. In the main bedroom where coupling happens, it’s important that the bed side tables are equal. They don’t have to be the same, but they need to be equal in size and berth. This is important if you want the relationship to be equal.

Qualities for this space



Physical Nature


Love of Others & Self

Creative Impulses

Give & Receive


Yin (female)


When you want:

To attract a love relationship

To improve your current love relationship

Improving a healthy, happy relationship with yourself

Improve or attract any kind of positive relationship with friends, clients, etc.

Here are some examples of strong pairs in the love and relationship area.

The windows with the updated ‘toppers’ are a pair, and can you see the figurine between the bed posts? They are dancing…in a beautiful and graceful embrace. This room also has matching bedside tables and lamps (not pictured). The art between the windows has a romantic feel and it's a table with 2 chairs.

Even if your main bedroom is not in the love and relationship area, and with most homes, this is the case. These pairs are optimal in the ‘coupling’ bedroom.

Another Feng Shui tip for the love and relationship area and main bedroom is only have pictures of the 2 of you. No children or family…just you two. Feng Shui is about honoring all aspects of your life, and this is one of the ‘big ones’ for most people.

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